Recording game videos without keyboard noise

I’ve been recording audio for my videos on youtube and I want as close to perfect audio as I can get. I’m recording with a blue yeti and the only background noise is my pc fan which isn’t all that loud. I understand the concept of noise reduction, however when I’m recording these videos I’m playing a game on my pc which requires me to type and use my mouse. I can cancel the background noise, but I can’t get rid of my mouse clicking or me typing and it’s driving me insane. If I try and over use noise reduction it makes my voice sound robotic and I just want to be able to fix this. Can anyone please help?!?

If you want good sound without the keyboard noise, don’t do that.
Record the game sound first in one Audacity track, then close down the game and record your voice on a second track.

The video is a lets play, so I’m recording myself as I play the game for instant reactions. I see plenty of youtubers do it with no problem and they use audacity.

A headset mic will pick up less keyboard sound than your Yeti, though the audio quality of a headset mic is likely to be less good than the Yeti unless you spend a lot of money on a really good headset mic and a good sound card.

I see plenty of youtubers do it with no problem and they use audacity.

Ask them how they do it and then post back and tell us, so we can tell everyone else. Remember, Forum, not Help Desk.

I doubt they had “no problem.” We have had our share of posters with exactly the same problem you have.

There are some microphone basics and one of them is to have no other sound in the same room with you while you’re recording. Even expensive cardioid microphones (recommended setting on the Yeti) are always used in a studio to make sure the performer is the only thing on the recording.

You’re right. Noise Reduction isn’t going to do it, even the new super one in Audacity 2.1.0 and 2.1.1. Noise Reduction is a bloodhound. You let it sniff a perfect sample of the noise (Profile) and then it goes howling off down the show looking for that exact same noise. Keyclicks don’t have a profile unlike fan noises or air conditioner rumble.

Headset microphone is a possibility, but I’m betting, as above, the quality hit isn’t going to be acceptable, further, it’s not going to work.

So we’re left with a keyboard that doesn’t make any noise. That’s the google term.

We can also go with exotic microphone management. Mount the microphone upside down on a mic stand with its top pointed down at the keyboard. That should be its least sensitive point (experiment). Then put the keyboard on several layers of towel and soundproof the rest of the room as much as possible. It may not make the keyboard vanish, but it will help a lot.

I understand the Yeti comes with its own desk stand, etc. I also know you can get accessories for it like the spider shock mount.

I like the On Stage Stands units.

I think mine is a MS9701B. It’s a bit heavier—I have some heavy microphones.

You may be picking up some of the noise from the desk. You can help that with a book and towel. Fold a towel so it’s about the size of the book and put it down. Put the book on top and then put the microphone on top of that. I’m talking a hardback novel, Stephen King not a magazine or paperback. It has to be heavy.

I swear I have a picture of that posted…!@#$.

Anyway. That will completely isolate the microphone from desk noises.

Post back when you find out how they do it.


Apparently, I prepared it but didn’t post it. (attached). Click on the graphic. Also note the furniture moving pad on the desk.