Recording from streaming radio [SOLVED]

What settings do I use to record a brief clip from a streaming radio station.

Thanks in advance

Audacity 3.1.0
Windows 10

In the Device Toolbar, select WASAPI, then Speakers/Headphones (loopback). See also: Tutorial - Recording Computer Playback on Windows

Thank you Jademan. My mistake was making the settings without the audio playing. It froze up Audacity to the point where the only way to recover was ctl-alt-delete

Audacity 3.2.0
Windows 10
Firefox Browser
Windows Wasapi
Recording Device Realtek Audio Loopback
Recording from internet radio station with music playing

Using these settings, Audacity will not enter the record mode. When I pusn the record button, nothing happens. Can you help
Bob H

Bob, I have nothing new to offer. Perhaps someone else will.

Is it playing through your Realtek soundcard, or something else (such as bluetooth or USB or another audio device?)


Maybe a “privacy settings” problem. I think this applies to recording from anything, not just a “microphone”. See the green box in the section:
Why can’t I record in Windows?

Hey Steve
As usual, you nailed it. I followed the instructions and recording capabilities returned.
I’ve noticed that Windows updates make changes in Audacity settings. Something to be aware of.

Thank you