Recording from sound mixer to computer

I asked a question regarding recording from a sound mixer directly to a computer a few weeks back. Still trying to resolve my issues. Windows 10 running Audacity 2.1.2. From mixer to PC via 3.5 mm jack. The input jack on the computer is a combo headset jack so only 1 input. Went out and purchased a TRSS adapter so that I would have a separate mic and headphone line in. But when I plug into my mixer,I still get nothing. For a brief moment, I was able to record, then it goes to flat line. I turned off the internal computer microphone so it doesn’t record. BY default, I was recording everything from cars driving by to me breathing.

With this set up, should my audio host be MME?

I’m questioning whether the single headset on my computer is the issue. My last set up had a separate “line in” on the computer. Considering taking back the computer and seeking one with a separate line in jack. Any ideas on what I’m doing wrong? Thanks in advance…

Considering taking back the computer and seeking one with a separate line in jack.

Grand idea, but unlikely to be successful.

Even Macs gave up putting Stereo Line-In on their laptops. All laptop users want to connect a headset for Skype, Chat or other communications. Nobody wants to plug their stereo cassette machine in any more, and no maker is going to go to the expense of designing a connection nobody is going to want or use.

If you do need Stereo-In, I found the best solution is a simple stereo USB adapter such as the Behringer UCA-202.

That’s my stereo mixer on the right. The UCA202 is bi-directional, too, so you can hook the other side to the Aux-In of your home music system as I have and play computer music that way.

Without going back through the postings, didn’t we suggest this earlier?


You have the one plug version of this analog headset.


Koz, haven’t had suggestions to try the Behringer UCA-202 yet, but I’ll give it a try. This may also be a Windows system setting issue on my end. I was able to capture some audio in line for a moment from an ipad, but the open mic on my computer also captured sound and I had a strange mix of sounds. Tried turning off the open mic on the computer, but it also kills the inline mic function…I’m “confuzzled” at the moment but will try ordering the USB adaptor and give it a try.

So the TRSS adaptor I installed isn’t going to help me out I guess…?

Thanks for your advice and help.

I know about TRRS. Tip, Ring, Ring, Sleeve. Counting from the tip: Left Headphone, Right Headphone, Microphone, and Shield. So the best you can ever do is Mono (one blue WAV) and not stereo. Even worse, sometimes the system will present two blue waves to you, but they’re both Left and not Left and Right sound.

I’ve been happy with the UCA202. I have two.


I’ve ordered the Behringer UCA-202 as you recommended…hope this fixes my bugs.

Thank you.

my bugs

You probably don’t have bugs. “Bugs” are very specific computer errors. You have problems or shortcomings.