Recording from MIXCLOUD

I must be doing something wrong. I have WIndows 10 and when I record a DJ mix off of Mixcould, then save it to a thumbdrive and play it on my stereo receiver, there’s no bass. The sound quality is ok (I think) but it’s not CD quality. Please help.

when I record a DJ mix off of Mixcould

In Audacity? How are you doing that? Recording on-line content is not a natural Windows sound path.

Can you tell if the MixCloud sound is OK before you downloaded it? This is where good speakers or headphones on your computer is handy.


One common mistake is play the music on the laptop speakers and then record it on the laptop microphone. That will give you music the quality of your laptop speakers.


I tried to use the attachment to show you how my audacity is setup but it’s not allowing me to attach a doc. What is the best way to setup to record quality CD files? I’m sure Mixcloud mixes are quality mixes to download and listen on a receiver.

How can I set it up to not do this on the initial screen under the Record, Play, pause features? I’m sure I have it setup right.

it’s not allowing me to attach a doc.

That and docx are proprietary Windows formats. I wouldn’t be able to see it.

JPEGs and PNG work well for pictures. WAV, MP3 and several others work for sound clips.

mixes are quality mixes to download

They are, but you’re not downloading them. You’re playing them in real time and recording them as a streaming capture. I think that’s where it’s falling apart. Recording streaming is not easy and the companies would just as soon you not get good at it.