Recording from Microphone

I have been a audacity user for years now, and have never had an issue i couldnt figure out myself, until now. I am using an usb sound adapter and i plugged in my microphone, opened audacity, set my mic and speakers to the usb i am plugged into (USB PnP Sound Device) but when i record i get almost like a feedback, high pitched buzz in playback, if i use any effects ie noise gate etc it cuts my recorded audio. I recorded a short clip attached to hear the sound im talking about.

any help would be much appreciated
oh and my mic settings are as high as they can go before the audio clips in headphones, but sound barely shows on audio recording track.
kinda lost because there is no mic mixing setting

Does this sound remarkably like your interference?

That’s what happens when USB digital housekeeping and the voice sound cross.

It’s a condenser microphone, right? The computer is making a ratty, sloppy USB connection based on the argument that the microphone will take care of it.

The microphone or microphone system cut corners based on the idea that we’ll let the computer take care of it. What you have is what happens when nobody takes care of it. We publish a filter that “knows” what a common USB noise sounds like and gets rid of it.

However. It does it by eliminating some musical tones from the performance. If your voice happens to hit one of those tones, it will briefly sound distorted.

The only way we ever found to fix it forever is change the computer.

I’m not joshing. We tried all sorts of USB patches, and configuration changes, and USB devices. No luck.

That’s not going to fix all of your problems because you also have low volume and killer hiss noises.

To go any further, well need details on the microphone, interface, etc, etc.