Recording from mic-in w/ 13" MacBook Pro (2019)

Hello all,

I have an important voicemail that I would like to digitally preserve, and the only way I can seem to do so (b/c I have an Android phone and my wireless provider doesn’t support so-called visual voicemail) is by patching my Android phone to my 2019 13" MBP. I have already done my research when at first it didn’t work with my regular male-to-male phone jack – I realized I needed a three-stripeTRRS input, which I picked up today.

The good news is that my Sound settings for OSX show the mic-in input levels receiving the audio. The bad news is that Audacity still isn’t acknowledging the input for some reason. I’ve tried boosting the gain, but nada. I’m sure I’m missing something, so if anyone has any advice I would appreciate it.


A little more info:

Yes, I am running Catalina (10.15.3).

Yes, I have tried starting Audacity from a terminal (open /Applications/ and this improves only one thing: I think I can preview the audio input (the levels move, and I don’t think it’s my built-in MBP mic), however when I record all I get is more or less zero-level low hum.