recording from headphone jack on my yamaha piano


Is it possible to connect the headphone jack from my yamaha dgx-505 electric piano with a cable to my computer to record the sound in audacity? I know I can connect a usb cord from the yamaha keyboard to my computer and ableton live to record the notes in midi format, but I saw something on the net that the actual audio signal from the headphone socket can be sent to audacity somehow. Is this possible? So I need a cable that has a headphone-like plug for the headphone jack, and then on the other end a usb plug? And then I set the audio in-source as the usb connection?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, I thank you in advance, this would be awesome if I could do that.

Note: I can record my playing into the yamaha dgx-505 and store the song in its memory, then push a button and play it back through the headphone jack and hear it.


I use the headphone out of my 505 and split it two ways. One split goes to the powerful sound system and the other split goes to the stereo line-in connection of my Mac. Most Windows systems don’t have stereo Line-In, of they do, it’s trash, so for them we generally recommend the UCA202 or equivalent.

Audio will not go through a USB hub, so you need two USB home runs to use both audio and MIDI. I’ve never done that.


Plug everything together and then start Audacity. Use the input dropdown on the toolbar to select USB Audio Input for recording (your name may be different). The UCA202 has the additional advantage that you can do sound-on-sound overdubbing with it. The wiring is slightly different if you do that.