Recording from Digital Piano vis USB to Hst

I am trying to get a project with my daughter, she like to play piano and sing.
Have downloaded Audacity 2.0.5
Running W7 Home Premium SP1 64 bit 16 GB Ram i7
Using a Yamaha P105 digital piano connecting via USB to Host Cable

On the windows side of things the device seems to be connected and recognised. It is working properly.
However I cant seem to select it in Audacity.
BTW , I have a USB Mic this connects and is selectable.

Doing some surfing I found reference that indicated my Logitec USB web cam may be causing issues → Uninstall did not resolve
Also another reference I found talked about power to USB switch in device manager → This I corrected (disabled power saving mode)
Followed advice of restarting audacity and rescanning for devices after each change but to no avail

If I have missed something in on-line material my apologies.
Also am new to this so I may have missed something obvious.

The software looks like it does want I want so hopefully you can help.


The USB cable is probably only a MIDI connection, not audio. “MIDI” is not “audio”. Audacity records audio, not MIDI.
See this FAQ for more information:

Thanks for the link and understood.

DHBIC understood that link?? It was all in French :imp: :imp:
I wish I understood…

I presume so. There seems to be a temporary glitch in the manual - that page should be in English :confused:
I’ve change the link to an alternative one which is displaying correctly.

Unfortunately it seems the French translator has overwritten the English FAQ in the development Manual with his translated version. That will have to be sorted out. is the correct link for users in any case, not the development Manual.