Recording from cursor position


This is my problem: when i record my guitar up to one song and i want export just my guitar,my registration never start when should!

for example i import one song and i record my guitar from 1:22 seconds to 3:00 minutes, i export just my guitar, i import again and instead

start at 1:22 seconds start after 2-3 seconds. i have this problem since 1 month,before audacity had never done.

Thanks for help.

If you want a recording to start at 1 minute 22 seconds on the Timeline above the blue waves, click at 1 minute 22 seconds in the blue waves then record.

If you click at 1 minute 22 seconds then import a file, the cursor will not move from 1 minute 22 seconds so you can still record from that point.

If you want to export only one track out of several tracks but keep the cursor at 1 minute 22 seconds, you could mute all the other tracks, leaving only the track you want to export unmuted. Then use File > Export… , not File > Export Selection… .

Alternatively when you have clicked at 1 minute 22 seconds, choose Edit > Region Save. Then click above Mute / Solo in the track you want to export, then Export Selection… . Finally use Edit > Region Restore to return the cursor to 1 minute 22 seconds then record.

If you don’t already have the current Audacity 2.0.5, get it from .


I have tried everything but nothing is i said before audacity has never done this before, something has gone bad.

i think the only solution is do new system to my laptop.

I have explained in full detail what you need to do to record from the cursor position.

You have still given no information about the version of Windows or version of Audacity (see the pink panel at the top of the page). We need that information to help you. :wink:

I suggest you uninstall the version of Audacity you have (even if it already says 2.0.5) then install the current 2.0.5 version (EXE installer) from us at .

Look at each window in the Audacity installer. When you reach the “Select Additional Tasks” screen, put a check (tick) in the “Reset Preferences” box. Complete the installation. On launching Audacity, a dialogue will appear. In that dialogue, confirm (Yes) that you want to reset preferences.