Recording from Avermedia DVD EzMaker7 [SOLVED]

I need to copy some material I have on audio cassette. The DVD EZMaker 7 is a audio jack to USB conversion device. It comes with a Video editor that can capture video & audio. It is overkill for capturing audio.

Audacity’s Input shows the device as an option, but when I choose it, no audio comes in.

Anyone have any experience that might offer me a clue to making this work?


You may need their software to capture a video show and then split off the sound. I have a TV digitizer and I don’t think it will process audio only. Does it say it will do that in the instructions?


It may be significant that video runs at 48000 sample rate, not 44100.


No, it doesn’t say that it will do audio only. I was just hopeful because I saw it appear in Inputs for Audacity.

I have Audacity set to 48000. It was there when I tried it.

These things almost always come with dead simple video software to get you going. Use that to get the composite. Some systems don’t like having nothing at the video hose. They require some video signal in order to digitize the composite. Some make a “fake” video signal just so something happens. What do the instructions say?


I’ll not be surprised if the device doesn’t work with Audacity. Audacity requires a normal stream of audio data to record, which may not be possible with this device.

Look in the recording tab of the Windows Sound Control Panel and see if the device appears as a recording device. If it does, then see if you can get the meters (in the recording tab of the Sound Control Panel) to respond to audio input. I suspect that won’t work, in which case the device won’t work with Audacity. If it does work in the Sound Control Panel, then it should be possible to get it working with Audacity. Let us know how it goes.

Good thought. It doesn’t appear in the Recording section of Control Panel/Sound. So it won’t work. Alas. Would have made my life so much simpler.

Thanks everyone for your help.

If the included software lets you save a video with only audio, and you add FFmpeg to your computer, then you can drag the video file into Audacity and import the audio.


From what I can see it doesn’t so I save file, load into Adobe premiere and save audio only. A huge pain if I want to save and entire tape then save by song.

What file do you save, with what extension? If you only have the audio plugs connected to the device, then I assume you are already saving a video file with audio only. If so then you can bypass the Adobe step and drag the video file into Audacity, provided you have FFmpeg installed.


I’ll try tonight

I tried it. It worked. Thank you. That pretty much solves my problem.