Recording from android smartphone and usb microphone

Hi, I was wondering if it is possible to record sound from my android device and my usb microphone at the same time and if so how to do it?

Maybe. What’s the application? What’s the show? We’ll need that to tell you the parts you may need that you didn’t ask for.


I just want to record some gameplay, and there is no application on android that can record internal sound so i pluged my phone to the computer with a 3.5 mm audio cable and it works fine. But i want to record my voiceover with my usb mic at the same time. Is there a way to do that? Or should i just use some other voice recorder to do that?

Audacity can only record from one device at a time.
When you plug you phone into the computer, it is plugged into the internal sound card. The internal sound card is one device. A USB mic is another device. Audacity cannot record from two devices at the same time.

You could record from the phone first, then set Audacity to record from the USB mic (by selecting it as the recording device in the device toolbar) and then record your voice while listening to the recorded track (see:

Alternatively you could perhaps use a small mixer and plug in the phone to one input and a conventional (non-USB) microphone into another channel, then record the mix.

The application Voicemeeter can let you record two things at the same time.


I like the idea of a separate voice recorder. I’ve had some success with voice tests on an Olympus WS823 recorder. It’s a stereo recorder which will produce good quality WAV sound files in both “surveillance” and performance modes. I have used it with a scissor clamp on a microphone boom to free up desk space.


I believe Voicemeeter mixes your show down to a single sound file and you can’t stop it (I’m not a Windows elf). The separate recorder route produces two separate shows that you can then correct and balance as needed before mixing.

It also gives you portable recording should you need that. It’s tiny and very light. I can hide it in my hand and lose it in my picket.

The only downside so far is the single AAA battery which gets eaten fairly quickly and there are no power options past a rechargable cell. By that I mean you can’t stick it in your travel pack for two weeks (even turned off) and have it alive when you take it out. It will record many hours of live performance on a new battery. I take a couple of fresh batteries with me in an envelope.


There are significant advantages to two-pass recording. You can do it in a very quiet room with no keyboard clicks.