Recording from a youtube audio track

My version is Windows 10, 64 bit
3-section version number is 2.4.2, i hope it is, if i understood correctly

i need to record the audio track sound of some presentations that are videos of the youtube
since i had posted in this forum before, and i followed all indications that you suggested me on the
several FAQs that you told me, i did everything but it records nothing

i think that the problem is that i do all settings that are in the FAQs but i dont put the settings
in the control panel, or something like that, i suppose, because one thing is understand and agree
with the settings, and another thing is putting the settings to work
i put the youtube sound to be listened on the computer
and i open the control panel, i push the red Record button and nothing happens
i guess this is because i tell nothing about the settings to the control panel
am i easily making you understand?
please kindly review all this and tell me what is lacking to put it to record
here you have all i have read and agreed with, from the FAQs:
ok, here we go:

i began with the FAQ: “Can Audacity record YouTube, internet radio or other streaming audio?”

i read very detaily and slowly all this page

and then i did all things that were indicated and asked me to do in these other links below:

Recording audio playing on the computer

and afterwards i began, and was monitoring the sound of the youtube whose sound i want to record +
i opened at the same time the “home page” where it appears the control panel
and when i push the recording red button, it happens nothing

i am a hundred per cent beginner in trying to record the sound of a youtube audio track, that is
why i need your help to learn how i have to do now

please, i would like you to be gentle enough to teach me very very step-by-step how i record the
audio track of the youtube, and also how do i have the record as a file in my hard disk, ready to
be listened just clicking on the file

i sincerely thank you very much if you are able to teach it to me
please dont forget that your teaching needs to be completely step-by-step

Select WASAPI As your [u]Audio Host[/u] and then as your Recording Device, select the soundcard/device your are listening to where you see “(loopback)”.

and also how do i have the record as a file in my hard disk, ready to
be listened just clicking on the file

After recording Audacity has made a temporary file and you should see the waveform and you should be able to play it from Audacity. Then you can File → Export → then Export as WAV or Export as MP3, etc.

Hopefully you have everything working now. If not, I am thinking a youtube instructional video might be of the most value to you.

I hope this helps. :smiley: