Recording from a mixer

Hey, I have a DJM 600 and two CDJ’s. I just need help properly recording into audacity and being able to hear myself so I can stream live (basically having sound go on the computer so if I were to plug headphones in, I would hear myself). I was told to hook up an RCA cable from the master booth in my mixer to the line input in my computer (my microphone jack).

Well, I did this, and in the recording devices for my computer I selected that microphone and made sure the volume was up. The first time I tried to get something to record in Audacity I had some error pop up saying that the rate or one of my recording devices was weird. I forgot the message. Anyways, I tried again and I didn’t get the message, however, I got no sound whatsoever into Audacity. Does anyone have experience with streaming (like on live stream) or doing anything of that nature that would be willing to help me out? Thanks a bunch if you can.

<<<I was told to hook up an RCA cable from the master booth in my mixer to the line input in my computer (my microphone jack).>>>

That would have worked out perfectly…on a Mac. Macs actually do have Stereo Line-In connections. Your computer is expecting a tiny, delicate, weak, mono microphone signal and you’re feeding it a massive, powerful, stereo, high volume, Line Level Signal. So right there, we’re in trouble.

Doesn’t the mixer have a Master Out or Line-Out? Generally, the Booth signal follows the little monitor knob on the mixer and not the Master Mix Faders.

You can get around some of these problems with one of the many fine USB audio adapters we reviewed…

Pick one that has stereo Line-In connections on one end and USB on the other. Chuck it in between the mixer and the computer and follow the instructions to set it all up.

<<<if I were to plug headphones in, I would hear myself>>>

Most computers won’t do that, or they will, but the headphone signal will be late, sorta like reverb or echo. We strongly recommend listening to the mixer and not the computer.

Set up Audacity Preferences for 44100, 16-bit, Stereo, and not the settings that it woke up with. Restart Audacity with the new settings to make sure they stick. See if some of those error messages don’t go away.


Yes it does have a master line out. However, I use Serato and that takes up the Line out which is why I was told I would need to put it into the master booth out.

That’s awesome, and I never knew about that. Thank you very much.

Yeah the only reason I wanted to be able to hear myself was because I wanted to stream music on live stream. Their livestream procaster thing streams any audio that you can hear yourself on headphones. So I guess I have to figure out a way to be able to stream audio coming from the mixer. Thanks a ton though for all the info, you helped me out a lot.