Recording EVP/spiritual responses

Now, I know that this seems a rather unusual type of recording process, but some paranormal experts have been using sound software such as Audacity and other techy equipment such as digital voice recorders, to capture EVP(Electronic Voice Phenomena), or using Boxes such as the SB-7 spirit box, a mini radio, sweeping through radio frequencies that when stations come through the sweeping process, there’s a chance that voices other than what the station is being used to hearing by the human ear, a spirit may come through and speak to what is going on, or respond to a question, or whatever. Now, using a microphone to record EVP is very HARD unless if you listen carefully. A way to boost the response, PLENTY of black electrical tape must cover the microphone until your voice doesn’t come through. What it should do is possibly create radio waves, such as random bursts of voices, that also does help with such responses.

But i’m wondering, with audacity in its current form, and all of the current effects that it does have, if it does have the ability to do such things as to boost the EVP response from the recording that the software just did, or to enhance spirit activity with amplification or some other type of effecty habits.

Just thought this would be an idea since I don’t usually see many talk about this.

I’m surprised they don’t get the microphone type and model down a lot better. Dynamic microphones such as the SM-58 rock band microphone work by throwing magnetic fields back and forth. Electret microphones like the Blue Yeti work with electro-static fields. Ribbon microphones work by tiny velocity changes in a long corrugated ribbon in an intense magnetic field, so it’s a combination.

They would all respond very differently to non-sound.

Low volume sounds have their own problems. Microphone amplifiers make noise and it’s up to you to make sure the show is much louder than the noise or it’s impossible to separate them in post production. It appears in this case the noise and the show are almost the same thing.

That and there is one other problem. If you expose three different people to low volume random noises, they will clearly hear three different conversations.


At that point you’re just recording the noise-floor, and your brain is misinterpreting some of that noise as speech.

You can shape noise, ( be it analogue or digital in origin) , so that the odds of it sounding like speech are increased,
e.g. alter the equalization to match speech …
(male) speech-noise.png

I did try the equalization technique, helped a little bit.

There are many options to do spiritual response techniques/ITC related.

Usually it involves meditation, but such as that maybe not allowed on here. But it does tune the brain to specific frequencies.

So does binaural and isochronic, that will actually make a person lucid dream or even astral project.

But I don’t want to get all Willy and spiritual, as there are certain rules for such discussions such as this.

What you are recording are the sounds of the earth and the universe…

Use a coil as a pickup, not a mic. No need for black tape. Tuning that will yield far better results. And what you will be hearing are magnetic interactions in the Earth’s crust, noise from the milky way and other phenomena.

The Earth produces these noises fi when tectonic plates start moving. In the place where two of these plates meet, an enormous stress is produced and even when there is no iron in the rock, magnetic signals can be recorded.

You’ll also pick up lots of strange noises from solar activity and other sources in the universe. And if you use a “gravity mike” you’ll pick up VLF signals from earthquakes.

Of course, these recordings aren’t easy in a city, where RFI and magnetic interference will interfere. And that’s where the voices come from. Short wave transmitters, baby phones… Given the right mix, these will sound alien. Even the sewage pump in front of my house sounds alien. It’s just a motor controller tho…

But to access other realms even from a physical standpoint sounds just downright hard. RF waves are just plainly light, since that is what most spirits/entities are. A form of light vibrating at a certain frequency. Usually you cant hear it, because just white noise is heard or some random transmission is heard when tuned to a frequency of light of some sort.

Light is not a radio frequency. It’s a magnitude higher in frequency…

It’s easy to record, though. Just replace the mic with a small battery and a light sensitive diode. You’ll notice that almost all light producing equipment transmits some frequencies. From the lowly lightbulb that will give you mains hum over the fluorescent light that transmits irregular higher frequency noise up to electronic gear like computer screens or IR remote controls that all emit some kind of sound.

And even the sun produces very low frequencies…

There’s sound everywhere. Even DC batteries produce sound, as the chemical process inside evolves.

Question for weldo5: Is there a way to “filter out” or “block” spiritual communication?
For example, if someone uses a “spirit box” and they don’t believe in spirits, will the spirit box work or not work? or, is there a physical means of blocking / filtering spirit communications (holy water? garlic? incense? dream catchers? …), or, is there a way to block the special form of light that you speak of while allowing “normal” EMR (electromagnetic radiation)? or, is there such a thing as a spirit “signal jammer” that does not affect “normal terrestrial” EMR?
In other words, how could I monitor/measure EMR from a “Spirit Box” without spirit communications in the recorded signal?

If this can be done, then the “spirit signals” can be separated from “normal terrestrial” signals by CMR (“common-mode rejection”).

No, and yes. The main form of communication of spirits is through soul vibrational frequency (NOT through vocal chords), but through a way of communcation of telepathy. Basically keying on and off transmitting/recieving voices/data like a transmitter from a radio station to a radio reciever/transciever. But through telepathy It is used through any means of audio such as matter (energy), radio waves, sound waves, modulations, telepathic communcations (relating to itself again). Even getting rid of the antenna on the box will not get rid of communication. I suppose you could get rid of lower frequency demons or certain entities out of the equation using holy water, or by exorcising (if possessed). Prayer to Christ (whose surname is Sananda or Yeshua).-STRONGLY

Note, I cant get philosophical about religion on here, because it will create controversy, and arguments.

If you want to stop communication, just simply stop it on a certain frequency and let the station play, or turn it off.

I’m sorry but I don’t think that we’re able to help you as there are no physical facts to work with, so no physical solution to your problem.
Electromagnetic radiation, light, radio waves, and sound are all well understood physical phenomena which we can use, measure and manipulate. Spirits and telepathy are beyond the ability of Audacity, so I think best that we close this conversation here.

Fine, then ignore the telepathy part, as it is what exactly EVP is, and the spirit box is. Mediums are also useful, surely there can be something to do with mediums and audacity?

If not then im sorry.

mediums prefer radio-technology …

Or reversing speech, modifying/modulating it, pitch, speed.

Topic locked.
This is the Audacity help forum, not a discussion forum for pseudoscience.

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auditory pareidolia : The audio equivalent of seeing faces in things.

Digitally processing noise, (e.g. noise- reduction), can make noise sound even more like speech.