Recording electric piano

Audacity 2.3.3 on Windows 8

Hi all,

I’m a total beginner at this.
I downloaded the Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver on my PC so I could record my electric piano directly on Audacity. So the piano is plugged into the PC via USB and the Yamaha driver is set up, but the only inputs shown in Audacity are the Sound card, Mircophone, my M-audio interface and the PC’s stereo mix.
And of course when I record via the computer’s microphone or my interface microphone, I get all the extra noises of the instrument and of the room that I don’t want.
Dear specialists, what am I missing here?
Thanks for your lights!

I’m going to guess that’s a USB MIDI port and Audacity is not a MIDI application (it has some limited MIDI capabilities).

The M-Audio interface should work (with an analog connection between the keyboard & interface).

Thanks Doug!
Yes exactly right. I got it now. With the right cable going from the headphones jack onto my interface, then I will be able to record on Audacity. Can’t wait!
A million thanks for input.