Recording drums with other tracks sounds off with timing...

Hey all,
I have both versions of Audacity and I have been trying to record some electric drums to a track that I have.
A friend of mine and myself use a Gear box to plug our bass and guitars into to record with Aud and that works really good. But now I have been plugging my electric drums through the Gear box and tried recording but the drums seem off with the timing a little.

Anyone have any suggestions or help that would be great thanks in advance…dano

You’re supposed to be recording additional tracks as additional tracks, not trying to burn them into the final show in real time. That way lies madness, as you’re finding out.

There is provision for playing back the drum track while you’re recording the instruments one at a time. Each instrument gets its own timeline each on top of the other. They will all play at once if you want them to. From there is a total snap to select the guitars and make them earlier or later to match up the beats.

Post production is a big deal and most of the long involved hard work happens there, not in the recording studio. There is a really fuzzy rule that editing and post production are ten times the length of the final show. YMMV.

There are gray zones with this process. If you have a totally cheap sound card, it’s possible for the drums to get captured and played back at different speeds, ruining your song. That’s the sound card that can be used for target practice. You can paint white and red circles on it and give chocolate to whomever can wipe out the crystal oscillator.


Is there a way to play back a drum track while recording another track without overdubbing?