Recording DJ sets using audio interface??

I am trying to record dj sets using an audio interface. It’s a Lexicon Alpha. So I send the output from my dj mixer to the input on the Lexicon. The Lexicon connects to my macbook pro running OSX via USB. I get the audio comming into the computer but the software won’t record it. I just get a flat line. So on the macbook I went to sys. preferences/sound/select Lexicon for input. I can see the audio comming in but the computer tells me there is no input controls for the Lexicon. I had this problem with cubase but fixed it using some of the software preferences. I tried that with Audacity but it will only let me choose default input. I’m lost. Please help.

That’s normal with USB services.

Also try going into Applications > Utilities > Audio MIDI Setup. That’s a supervisory panel to System Preferences.

Set that and Audacity Preferences to 44100, 16-bit, Stereo. Restart Audacity once to make sure it sticks.

Launch Audacity and click once inside the record meters. Play music and see if you don’t get bouncing lights.


Big Thanks Koz! Seems to be working fine now. :smiley: