Recording DJ Mix Windows 10, 3.5 line in, no sound [SOLVED]

I am using Windows 10 with a DJ mixer, I have the record out on mixer into the 3.5 line in, when I push record and the volume slider is down on the mixer, Audacity is recording (ONLY on left side of stereo mix) from inside pc. When I turn the volume up on mixer, it does nothing… its not recognizing the line in for some reason… I’ve tried all different settings and none of them work! PLEASE HELP… Thanks. I would prefer to speak over the phone, So… I’m willing to give my number to someone who can help… thanks again

-Marcus Schlegel

The “3.5 line in” is probably a mic input, if that is the only audio input you have. It is mono from the description you give, and totally unsuitable for recording strong signals from a mixer. Buy a Behringer UCA 202 or similar USB interface that gives you a true stereo line in meant for strong signals.

Audacity is free software so we don’t have the resources to provide phone support.

Phone support may be available with some “paid for” software.


Thank you for your quick reply… but, I’ve been using this setup for a few years now and it has always worked flawlessly! I’ve been DJ’ING for almost 20 years now and pretty tech savy when it comes to this kind of stuff… my other laptop crashed the other day, so I have a new one… and it’s not receiving the signal… let alone showing a “Line In” when choosing the preferences. Is there a way that in can upload a few pics to show you?

Look in the Recording tab of the Windows Sound Control Panel. Is there a recording device enabled? Does it respond to input from your mixer? (it should show a green meter bounce up and down with the input).

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The relevant question is whether the new laptop has a Line-In as well as mic input or only a mic input. If it has a Line-In then as Steve suggested you will almost certainly have to show and enable it in Windows Sound then restart Audacity.


I updated all drivers and still nothing… however, inside the settings; the mic was muted… so, I un-muted the mic and I am receiving a signal now… although, when test recording in Audacity… the " wav forms jump to super high then drop down to almost nothing while the sound is super distorted… almost there, just need to fine tune I guess… This is very frustrating, because I’ve been using this program for so long and now I feel like Mr. Dumass. Haha… Thanks Gentleman. Really appreciate your help! Happy New Year! (I’ll upload more photos in a min, my wife is utilizing my laptop to edit a few pics)


As previously stated, a mic input is unsuitable for recording from a mixer. Is the input you are connecting to the only audio input you have? If yes, you have no proper Line-In meant for recording strong signals.

You can right-click the microphone in Windows Sound, choose “Properties” then look at all the tabs. If there is an Enhancements or Effects tab and you turn all those options off, you can probably stop the fading problem. There might be an “Advanced” button or AGC option where you can turn off extra input boost.

But really, accept you have a computer without the feature you needed, and buy a Behringer UCA 202 or other interface that has a proper stereo Line-In.


Now, when I push record… In stereo, it’s super distorted on 1 half of the 2 channels, and the other half is recording without the mixers gain turned up… this is so weird!! Please help!!!
someone please call me and help

Audacity is free software run by volunteers in their spare time.

There is no phone support, especially not with us ringing you at our own individual expense.

We can’t see your computer from here. So we need you to answer all our questions.

Once again:

a mic input is unsuitable for recording from a mixer. Is the input you are connecting to the only audio input you have? If yes, you have no proper Line-In meant for recording strong signals. >

In that case, you will have to turn the volume down on the mixer and turn the recording level down in Audacity’s recording level slider to have any hope at all.

Or just accept that you need to buy a USB sound card or interface with a stereo Line-In. On some computers you can just about get away with a mic input if it is “compatible stereo” and you accept poor quality. Your mic input seems to be totally unsuitable.


Thanks Gale… those settings worked!!! Ugh