Recording Dj mix on windows.

I currently use the Hurcules Impulse 500 and Serato Dj Pro.

I’ve followed all the steps provided by by Serato to record a Dj mix on audacity. I’ve got my RCA cable which is plugged into the “aux in” on my controller then into my laptop. I’ve downloaded a Virtual Audio Cable(VAC) to connect the two devices.

But when I record my mix everything seems to be going fine until I want to listen back to my audio without my Dj controller. When I plug it out I can’t hear no audio on the mp3 only when I plug it back in I can hear it again.

Anyone know how to fix this issue ?

So, you exported to MP3?

Are other MP3 or WAV files behaving the same way?

I’d guess it’s related to VAC…

What software are you using for playback and what is your Windows playback device? If you are playing back in Audacity check your [u]Playback Device[/u].

I believe this should be good enough

You believe what should be good enough?