Recording device problem

I’ve been using Audacity for quite a few years now, but with this new computer with Windows 7 I can’t record! I get “error… check input device…”. when I check in Audacity prefferences there are no input device available in the scroll menue. In device manager there was only the microsoft driver, so I downloaded and installed Realtek Audio driver, and now in Control Panal the default recorder is Realtek, and it still doesn’t work…
I also downloaded the Audacity plugg-ins, but no. -
What do I need to do???

with this new computer with Windows 7 I can’t record!

Record what? Finish the sentence. We live on detail.


I can’t record streaming sound

Same situation with me. New computer, Windows 7 and not able to record streaming audio. Error message says to check “input device” and when you do, none are listed in dropdown menu.

The recording devices on Vista & windows-7 may not appear in the recording devices tab, but can be made to appear …

It is common on Vista and 7 that not all recording inputs are automatically enabled in the Recording tab. This means they are invisible in that tab, and also invisible to recording applications like Audacity. So you need to make them visible, then enable and make default the one you want to use

Right-click anywhere inside the Recording tab and choose “Show disabled devices” then right-click again and check “Show Disconnected Devices”

Wow! that did it!
Thanks alot.