Recording device open error -9997 Invalid sample rate

Dear guys good morning,
I did not want to open another post related to this topic but since another user who has exposed the problem by solving it has been closed to him I am forced …
I have performed all possible and imaginable suggestions that have been proposed but I have not been able to come to terms with them … (here is the post
When I register the file using the WASAPI procedure and while respecting the audio file format (primary) which is Mp3 and maintaining the frequency 44100 hz both in the initial file and in the addition of the new recorded file, the error exits precisely the drop down that returns the error message in question.
Always with reference to the page in question and better to say on the second page we talk about the solution found but I cannot understand how he solved the problem if he updated the windows drivers (WASAPI) as audio or it is an autacity setting that went performed? Can any of you kindly give me a hand THANK YOU so much!
Talk about output but recording output setting? I have is just the frequency or what?
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Why are you using WASAPI? What are you trying to record?

Thank you so much for your reply …
I use wasapi because apparently in this mode I am able to remove background noise in a clip where the audio is disturbed for example in my case by gusts of strong wind … All here …

That doesn’t make sense to me. Can you provide a link to that information?

Are you trying to record something? If so, what are you trying to record?

So @steve (thank you for your kind intervention) to be clear I’ll explain things WELL so you understand better …
I have a track in MOV that has the audio disturbed by the gusts of the strong wind … I discovered on youtube that by configuring Krisp and obviously Audacity last, I can replace the dirty audio track with the clean one that I listen to this last elaborated one. from Krisp … the problem that after all the settings of Krisp and the operating system (W10) these heavy and laborious when I step to perform this replacement the error is created by Audacity with the code -997 …

Now I ask myself is it attributable to the sampling frequency of the tracks or to the actual configuration of the various devices?
If you want to go around the youtube link where a guy in Italian proposes this solution and see if you understand the cause WELL …
That’s all there is and I hope I have made you aware of what I would like to do.

Here is the link of the tutorial I’m talking about :

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I don’t understand Italian, so I can’t follow that video, so I still don’t know what you are doing, why you are using WASAPI, or if you are trying to record something.