Recording Desktop Audio

Is there any way to record desktop audio using this program? If possible is it possible to use this program in conjunction with OBS in order to record desktop audio? Thanks

I use SoundFlower to record what’s playing on the Mac. It’s a software device and instead of playing to speakers or headphones, I play my show to SoundFlower. Then I sell Audacity to record SoundFlower.

in conjunction with OBS

It’s dangerous to combine Audacity and other software. Audacity, SoundFlower, OBS and the Mac are all going to struggle with mastery of the sound channels. It’s rarely a case where they all get along. Usually, one wins and the others fall apart.

Even more fun, you get everything set up and it all works until somebody does a product update in the background and then it falls apart. That happens with Skype.

“It was working last night…”


I have heard of it, however there have been many user reviews that I have seen that say it is incompatible with the newest OS. I have also heard the team behind it has stopped working on it long ago. I also question the safety of the download, is there reformatting or adding of background files or viruses of any kind? Can you put these insecurities to rest?

Works fine for me on Sierra.

The project is no longer run by Rogue Amoeba. It has passed back to the original developer Matt Ingalls and is now hosted on GitHub.

That link is out of date. The current download location is:

The only way to be absolutely sure that a computer remains safe, is to lock it up in a bank vault.
Using a computer should be reasonably safe provided that you take sensible precautions. This page on our website is specifically about downloading Audacity, but much of it applies more generally:

Just link to our FAQ about recording computer playback on Mac, Koz. That has the correct links:


And I can get to it from the manual front page. How cool is that?

I don’t use FlowerPot or whatever the companion software is. I just use SoundFlower and switch directions manually. I don’t use it that much.