Recording Denon MK6000 MK2 Mic


I am using Audacity 2.0.5, Windows 8.1 64bit and a Denon MC6000 MK2 Digital DJ controller.

I want to record the microphone output from the MC6000 on Audacity.

I have set the ‘USB Audio Out’ on the back of MC6000 to ‘Rec out/Mic’. (According to the Denon Manual this sets the ‘Mic input to output from the USB 3/4 channels to the computer’).

The MC6000MK2 appears as a Microphone in the Windows Recording Devices panel and has been enabled. It also appears in the drop down list for input devices in Audacity however when selected no input is detected by Audacity. Any ideas?

Many thanks for any help that anyone can give!


The MC6000MK2 appears as a Microphone in the Windows Recording Devices panel and has been enabled.

Do you have sound there? My Win7 machine had a little bouncing sound meter to tell me that there was actually sound on that connection. As a fuzzy rule, Anything that Windows can see, Audacity can use.

Multi-channel sound connections can be a little magic. I wish the device had put your sound on 1&2 rather than 3&4.


Is anything working? If you connect headphones to the DJ controller, can you hear the mic? Do the meters show anything when you talk into the mic?

Can you record any other sounds from the DJ interface?

Hi Kosikowski and DVDdoug,

Thanks for getting back to me.

The mic can’t be routed through headphones on the mixer as far as I know. I guess that this is because it is a standalone mixer (as opposed to only being a midi controller) and the mic is routed straight through to the main output.

Even though the MC6000MK2 appears on the ‘Recording Devices’ panel in windows, it doesn’t appear to actually receive any sound, even if it is enabled, made the default and everything else (such as the ‘Stereo mix’) are disabled. It’s like windows can see it but not hear it!


Unless one of the other elves has other ideas, it’s now between you and Denon. Audacity gets its sound/music/voice from Windows.


Cheers, I guess it’s -

“Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it’s off to Denon I Go!” :slight_smile:


Why don’t you simply record the mic via your DJ software (eg Traktor).

Just zero out all the faders, record the mic, and then subsequently import the wav file into Audacity.

Hi Shaky,

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll give it a go.

I did manage to get the mic output routed to the software (VirtualDj in this case) and tried recording it but I wasn’t convinced by the sound quality. Don’t know if it is something to do with the Denon ASIO Driver that the Dj software uses, how the software handles that source or just me imagining things!

Thanks for the help


If there really is a sound quality problem it is most unlikely to be a driver issue.

I would be alert to the possibility that your ears are deceiving you, but you might also check that VirtualDJ isn’t applying some sort of echo or reverb effect on the mic channel, which could be causing issues.