Recording cuts out and in. Skips

I’ve been using Audacity a long time and am using an ION USB 10 turntable. I just bought a new desktop and laptop with Windows 11. All is set up correctly. The recording cuts out and is leaving gaps. I started with Audacity version 2.3 which I am comfortable with, then installed the latest version getting the same results. The laptop would not even recognize the USB codec. I tried all the suggestions online about the buffer, et al. I still have my old computer and all works well with Win 10. So, any suggestions? Could it be a Window 11 compatibility with the turntable; or software? Please help. Thanks.

It’s not a compatibility issue…

Dropouts are usually related to multitasking, and your operating system is always multitasking even it you are only running one application. If some other application, process, or driver hogs the system for a few milliseconds too long you get buffer overflow and a glitch. Whatever is hogging the system doesn’t have to be using a lot of total CPU time, it just has to hog it for a little too long. (Without buffers audio & video wouldn’t work on a computer.)

Here are some troubleshooting suggestions.

Hopefully this won’t be necessary but there is a FREE online book about optimizing your computer for audio called Glitch Free.

After plugging in your device, select Transport > Rescan Audio Devices or restart Audacity.

So this could be because other programs, typically browsers are competing for computer resources. If you are recording, disconnect from the internet, reboot your computer, wait 5-10 minutes after it reboots, then start your recording. Don’t run anything else. If this fails, then you have some other issue.

Thanks for getting back to me. I had tried the rescan option in the past but tried it again to no avail. Laptop still won’t recognize it. I haven’t attempted to record yet so I have not tried the other fixes you and DVDdoug mentioned. I will get to it this afternoon.

First let me thank you for your help. I tried everything; a lot I had done before-I do RTFM🙂. Still no luck. I’m glad I kept my old laptop with Win 10. I set that up to use when I want to make some more MP3s. I little bit more trouble, but at least it works. I guess I’m the only person that can’t get recording software to work with Win 11.
Thank you and all for your help.

Hello all,
Just wanted to say that I figured out the problem I was having. I went to the Windows microphone settings and turned off Audio enhancements. I’ve tested it a few times and the recording does not skip or cut out. I am hopeful this will continue.
As of yet I haven’t attempted to see if my new laptop will recognize the turntable, but I don’t care if it does or not. I’m just happy that I can use my desktop to make MP3s; using my old Win 10 laptop was a pain to set up. Thanks again for all that tried to help and I hope I may have helped others.

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