Recording Cut Off - crackle and whine noise

This problem erupted just after I installed the new version of Audacity.

Operating System Windows 10
Steinberg UR 12 Interface
Lenovo Laptop X270
current version of Audacity (3.2.2)

I’m creating a separate thread for this issue, since the problem has changed.

My recording is cutting off (stopping) at various points … I have to back track and re-start it at the cut off point. Not a huge issue for short tracks, but disastrous in a long track. ALSO… also during playback I’m experiencing a crackle sound followed by a high whine. Again, if I go back a bit, it will play through without these sounds… but it has happened on various audio playback apps/locations. Advice please that doesn’t include “throw out your AI”

PS I’ve noted these problems on the FB Audacity site and here.

Thank you.

Perhaps you have turned on Sound Activate Recording:,(see%20the%20item%20below).

Also, see these two threads: