Recording cursor slow and recording crackle[SOLVED]

I’m a new user. I’ve been thrilled with my first results. I’m using 2.0.4 on Windows 7 and have my mic plugged into a M-Audio Fast Tack with a USB plug into the computer. The first two tutorials I did worked wonderful.
I was exploring the generate menu and the effects menu (I’m sorry because I don’t know where I’ve been in those menus).
However, now when I play files that I use to enjoy listening to, I get static with the following characteristics: the cursor when a song plays goes very, very, very slow and the volume of the static seems to be related to the volume on my recorded pieces.

I thought I might have activated some preference I was not aware of and would delete everything in the aduacity.cfg file but the one file the instructions told not to delete.

I could not find the file.

I thought if I could get someone to tell me what preferences were shipped with 2.0.4, I could set all of my preferences and every thing would be ok.

Can you point me in the right direction.


The current Audacity version is 2.0.5 - .

The pages for the individual Preferences sections in the Manual ( ) show the default preferences.

You can only see audacity.cfg if you show hidden files and folders using the Windows folder options.

If resetting Preferences is relevant to your issue, the easiest way to reset them is to reinstall Audacity (or install 2.0.5) then check (tick) “Reset Preferences” halfway through the installation. Please see: .

If you reset Preferences, I suggest you use Fast Track for both Audacity recording and playback then set Windows “Default Format” for Fast Track playback and recording to a 44100 Hz choice to match the Audacity project rate. See .


Thank You, it worked.

Chuck Ervin