Recording cassette tapes music and audio

I’m needing help, Ive got a MacBook Pro running on Mac OS Catalina version 10.15.7.
I have a SUPER USB CASSETTE CAPTURE which i have connected into my Mac vis USB port and successfully recorded using Audacity as I want to play
them through the normal CD player on my stereo system, my first two cassettes work fine and i transferred them to CD-R discs and they play fine on
my CD player, however the next two tapes i recorded through Audacity will not play on my CD player, one is a purchased recording of music and the
next one is of recorded audio and music from radio shows.
So my question is how do i set Audacity to record various tapes from my collection that i want to transfer to CD which I can play on a normal CD player,
it seems that my mac tells me i can only replay the CD on Mac or Windows systems.
Where am i going wrong? I have used MP3 through Music on my Mac Book?
Help please,

In the Music CD burning dialog make sure you have selected “Audio CD” as the format.

Also make sure the playlist you are attempting to burn to CD is less than 80 minutes long (preferably less than 74 minutes).

– Bill

Thanks Bill,
I will check that out, and I updated Audacity to 3.0.2
thanks mijmac.

Congratulations! Most people who try to record on Mac from a SUPER USB CASSETTE CAPTURE end up returning or tossing their cassette.

thanks jademan,
I’m sure i can make it work ok, mijmac x