Recording both people on Skype - how?

I can only record my voice when using Skype in Win10.

I cannot find any way to record the other person, have tried all settings.

Can anyone help with this?


Sure. It’s not a setting. Your microphone is a service of your computer and so it’s relatively easy to grab a copy and record it. The Far Side is a service of Skype and Skype doesn’t like to share. It’s not entirely evil although it seems like that. Skype has to make sure its echo cancellation, processing and environment management works no matter what you did to your computer. They do that by taking over your audio, full stop.

Pamela is a software package that claims to be able to gracefully record both sides of a Skype call and split the conversations left to right so you can filter and correct one without the other. Mix down to a final show in Audacity whenever you wish.

Pamela now claims full Windows 10 support. For a while there, they were having troubles with Win10, and their support services got shaky, but historically, they’ve had the best track record.

You can mess with VoiceMeeter if you want. They claim to be able to make new sound pathways inside the machine and do custom sound routing as needed. Jury’s out on how well it works. Post back if you decide to go that way. Remember, this isn’t a help desk.

I didn’t do it that way. I used two computers and a small mixer.

The computer on the left plays music into the podcast and records the mixed show. As long as you don’t mess with it, the two directions on any computer are completely independent. The computer on the right is Skype. Skype thinks it has perfect control of its computer and doesn’t know anything about the rest of that stuff.

That’s how some of the larger podcasts do it.

Even if you do use fancy software on one machine, that may only work until Skype decides to change something or do an update. Several people have complained on the forum about their show turning to trash one day for no good reason.


There are ways to cheat. Use headphones on both side (required on most of these recordings) and play to speakers on the table. Put a Personal Recorder in the middle of the table and press record. It will get Skype Voice from the speakers and your voice from you. Juggle the volumes and spacing to make everything sound OK. This technique is dead simple, but delivers a mixed podcast. No post production. It also requires a quiet room and blanket on the table.

By far the best way to do this is don’t record Skype. Each person in the podcast records their own high quality voice locally and they post their own fraction of the podcast to you for mixdown. I did an actual broadcast radio production that way for work. You don’t need Skype. You can use a cellphone conference call. The ratty phone sound is for coordination, not recording.

That’s how this was done. This looks like a terrific, live, multi-part recording. It was actually singers shipping their own voice files to Josh (lower left) for mixdown.

If you do find some other way to do it, post back and let us know.


Thanks for the advice… I’ll try these out!

Do post back when you find something you like.


You would think Skype would have the option of at least recording what you’re hearing…:stuck_out_tongue:

You would think Skype would have the option of at least recording what you’re hearing…

Did you ask them?