recording both microphone audio and speaker audio

I wanted to ask if it’s possible to record both microphone audio and speaker audio at the same time on my computer. (My computer is a Dell Inspiron 620 with a Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit operating system, and it contains Audacity 2.0.2 installed by the exe method.)
Of course I have a headset (made by Logitech). And I also have an audio splitter cable and an extra audio cable (made by Dynex). I heard that if you use these three items and connect them to your speaker, microphone, and line in jacks in a certain way you can set your computer up to record both microphone audio and speaker audio. What I tried was connecting the splitter to the green speaker jack. Then running the extra cable between the splitter and the blue line in jack. Then connecting the headset’s speaker cord to the splitter and the headset’s microphone cord to the pink microphone jack. My computer’s control panel (audio → recording) and my Audacity software (device toolbar) each have three settings: microphone, line in, and stereo mix. I tried all nine combinations, and in each case I was only able to record either microphone audio or speaker audio, not both.
So, is there any way to deal with my problem? Or do I simply have a computer that is not capable of recording both microphone audio and speaker audio at the same time without making expensive modifications?

:frowning: I don’t think that’s going to work…

The Windows recording “mixer” generally only allows one input at a time to be recorded. However, the Windows output mixer is a true mixer and it allows you to mix multiple sources/inputs. So, if you can route your mic signal to the speaker-output (and if you can live with that setup), since your drivers apparently support stereo mix you should be able to record that fully-mixed speaker-output signal.

[u]Virtual Audio Cable[/u] ($35 USD) might do the trick.

Yes, I’m now starting to think that my problem won’t be fixed by wiring my audio equipment in a certain way, but perhaps by installing a new program on my computer. I was asking my questions on another forum, and I was told about this program which is free to use:
However I don’t really know how to use it. I was looking at this page:
Under where it says “Installation and Configuration”, I’m finding step 5 to be confusing.
I tried opening the command window for Jack and typing in “jackd -d portaudio -l” and pressing enter. I saw a list of 10 devices. The list was as follows:

  1. MME::Microsoft Sound Mapper - Input
  2. MME::Stereo Mix [Default Input]
  3. MME::Front Microphone <Conexant HD A
  4. MME::Microsoft Sound Mapper - Output
  5. MME::Speakers [Default Output]
  6. Direct Sound::Primary Sound Capture Drive [Default Windows DirectSound Input]
  7. Direct Sound::Stereo Mix
  8. Direct Sound::Front Microphone
  9. Direct Sound::Primary Sound Driver [Default Windows Direct Sound Output]
  10. Direct Sound::Speakers

Does anyone know how should I proceed at this point?

Describe the show. What are you trying to do, voice-over a mutli-player game? Don’t some games give the ability to record the gameplay?