Recording bass into Audacity

Hi , what do you recommend to record bass into my PC on Audacity
I have a DI box- Is this the best way with a USB or mic adapter? Or am I better off micing up my bass amp speaker and recording it that way?
Any advice appreciated!

I generally prefer to mic up the cab.

A regular DI has a balanced microphone output that’s not properly-compatible with the (unbalanced) mic-input on a soundcard or laptop. You can try it, and/or you can try the bass directly into the mic input (with appropriate adapter cables) but you won’t get the best quality.

[u]Audio Interfaces[/u] with switchable mic/instrument inputs are common. There is usually an XLR/1/4" combo jack and it switches depending on what’s plugged-in.

I think pros usually record bass direct. (It’s common to record electric guitar with an SM57, but often they are also using a direct connection on another track at the same time.)

If you want to use a mic in front of the cabinet I’d recommend a proper stage/studio mic into an audio interface rather than a computer mic into a soundcard/laptop. A USB “podcast mic” might be OK, but I’d get one with a recording level control since they are normally used for voice.

Thanks for this will give it a go .