Recording bass guitar to my laptop

Hi, everyone, firstly I’m not at all au fait with the technicalities of music recording and indeed computers, so a VERY simple response would be great :smiley: I’ve just added v2.3.3 and simply connected my bass and clicked record, easy? But when I play back my recording it’s only recording via the laptop mic and picking up all the ambient sounds! Why is it doing this, I’ve trawled my laptop and audacity for a way round this but can’t find anything.

Help pleeease :unamused:


Make sure to select the external mic as your [u]Recording Device[/u].

Does your computer have separate mic & headphone connections or does it have a combo jack? Regular headphones will work with a combo jack but the microphone needs a different plug/adapter.

Now… The mic input should “work” but it’s “wrong” for an electric guitar or bass and the quality and tone may not be good. A USB audio interface with a guitar/instrument input will give you better results.

And, you might want to get a Y-splitter so you can connect your amp at the same time. If you monitor through the computer you might be fighting latency (delay). Or, many audio interfaces have direct-hardware zero-latency monitoring (which IMO is a worthwhile feature).

Hi , sorry I didn’t reply sooner, I don’t know the answer, i think it’s a combo jack? I’ve ordered a USB audio interface, which should be here anytime, so that might work. Michael