Recording bar blinking, not moving

I have Windows XP and Audacity 2.0.5
Everything was working great a couple hours ago. I shut down. When I came back I tried to record and the vertical bar won’t move from the start point and is just blinking. There is no audio either.
The settings are the same as before:
Windows direct sound
Primary sound capture driver
2 stereo input channels.
I have restarted Audacity a few times and it didn’t help.

In addition, I just tried to import and play a song. The song was imported but the bar would not move nor play the song.

sigh…forget it. For whatever reason, it now works…sorry. It must be haunted.

It happens often enough that we have a FAQ posting.


OK thank you.

Same thing on my PC.
FAQ did not solve the problem.

Found solution: reinstall Audacity 2.0.5. without additional plug-ins, usiing “reset settings” option.

“Reset Preferences” may help - it will change the settings mentioned in the FAQ to shipped defaults.

Removing “additional plug-ins” (whatever you mean by that) will not affect audio playback or recording in the slightest.