Recording audio with Effects/VST (e.g. Preamp/Compressor)

I’ve used Audacity for many years as an audio editor and ‘mastering’ tool for outputs from DAWs, but I’ve never used it for direct audio recording.

The first thing I got stuck on, and couldn’t find answered, was whether Audacity lets you record with a VST plugin in-line?

Specifically, I want to record vocal audio from a microphone, but I’d like to have a VST plugin preamp/compressor in-line as part of the recording, and not record the audio ‘raw’ and then apply the compressor/de-esser/preamp/etc. afterwards.

Is this possible?

I’m using Audacity 2.4.2 on Windows

Is this possible?

Audacity doesn’t do anything to the show during recording. There are silent-sense and timer features, but that’s about it.