Recording audio through line in port problems.

Hello, I am trying to produce a 2 hour pre-recorded radio show for broadcast online. I have done this successfully on an old MacBook using garageband.
The MacBook has sadly gone to meet its maker and due to financial constraints, it has been replaced with a HP pavilion 15 gaming laptop running Windows 10 and I have Audacity 2.1.2 installed on it.
I have used Audacity previously for burning vinyl very successfully on the old Mac, which had separate mic line in and audio out mini jack ports. However, I can’t record any sound whatsoever from an external device if I use the combo line in port on the HP laptop. As well as using music on my laptop, I want to record audio from vinyl, tape, minidisc and external digital players as well as streaming services.
I have followed the tutorials on audacity, changed the settings accordingly, but without success. I have tried recording streaming services directly and found the sound quality to be awful. I explored the links to using the Windows WASAPI Loop, (which is not evidently available on Windows 10, maybe?) and the links to installing the necessary bits for this, is just beyond my IT skills. Any suggestions gratefully received.

A combo audio out and audio in won’t be a line level input. Cut your losses and buy a USB audio device with a line-in: USB Interfaces.

Windows WASAPI works with Audacity on Windows 10 - see Windows WASAPI loopback recording. The link does not mention Windows 10 because Audacity won’t be officially supporting Windows 10 until the next 2.1.3 release.


You never got all the way to telling us what your sound device is.

This is one of my Behringer UCA-202s connecting my Windows machine to my Peavey analog sound mixer.


Sorry. Had to break.


Many thanks, a Behringer UCA202 is on order. Looking forward to sorting this out.

Hi, many thanks for this. Will look at it again.