Recording audio from the computer itself

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First I want to thank my friends immensely for the tips and guidelines of the previous topic that I created.

Sometimes they could guide me in the inconvenience described. Because I already performed all the procedures taught in the manual, highlighting the settings in audacity and in the computer itself. There’s already a thread on this subject that I’ve read carefully. However, my PC does not record any audio from the computer itself, the screen is frozen (image attached) and
on line input all normal and recording happens normally.

Obs 1. This problem happens on a PC, because I have a notebook that this procedure is all normal.

Note 2. For didactic reasons I’m still using version 3.0.2

Once again thanks in advance!

Recording what’s playing on the computer is harder than you think. The computer only has two sound pathways. Play sound from, say the browser to your speakers or headphones, and record something from the microphone to a sound program such as Audacity. The two pathways don’t cross.

You can connect them together with a separate program or utility, but the connection is not a natural setting.

Conspiracy Theory has it that the music industry insisted on this limit to make it really hard to record tunes without paying for them.

Does your system have a microphone and have you ever used it? If it doesn’t and you haven’t, then that may be why the recording pathway failed. This is not the computer for your job.


There is another wacky problem. It’s not unusual for a sound redirection program to record the internet —or— let you listen to it. Not both. Again, there’s only so many pathways. There are programs that provide Sound Management Services, not just redirection, but some of them cost money.


Hello Koz!

Friendly hug…
I understood his teachings and the possibilities for the procedure.
From what I understand what’s happening (at least with me), only a PC that I work with can’t perform the recording of the computer itself.
I tested it on 4 more Pcs and the recording of everything that plays on them is recorded normally.

I really don’t know what could be going on in this single PC I own.

Success for you!


I don’t know that you really need a redirection utility, etc. Creative Soundblaster Audigy cards or on board audio have a driver feature called ‘What You Here’ You simply select that instead of the microphone from the input options. My newer Dell has Realtek onboard audio and they call it 'Stereo Mix. I remember the driver settings were easier to figure out on the Creative cards but they both work. I can record anything that goes out from the PC to the speakers or headphones be it a talk on a live stream or relative music recital, etc on Youtube or Facebook Live. The sound quality is usually great as I believe it is a digital recording. If you could connect your line out to the line in you would lose quality because it would be analog out and then converted to digital.

hello mikezz1

Thanks for the guidance!
Your idea would be an alternative, really if I have some external drive like For all 4, sometimes it could solve this problem. I haven’t installed any yet because I don’t know any brand/model, but
any indication of a driver that I can install on my PC would be of great value.

Strong hug friend!