Recording audio from mixer to laptop

Yes, there are things connected to the sub output. Later tonight ill be where i can check and trace out these outputs to see what they are going to and if they are actually attached to anything on the other end. I should have more info then and know a little more about what to purchase.

I was correct in my guess that the mix outputs are unplugged on the other end. That saves me some trouble. I just purchased the below items from amazon.

Behringer UCA202 Audio Interface

Dual 1/4 inch to RCA cables. Purchased two of these, one for input and another for output.

While recording with the uca202 can i send music to the mixer from it also? In my case im recording a church sermon and lets say a song needs to be played for the service. Can it be played through the behringer and be recorded from the mixer output? If it needs a separate sound card i can just do like it has been done in the past and play through the laptops sound card.

I believe that should be possible, but you will want to test. Is this mixer also feeding the Church’s PA system? If so which outputs are being used for that purpose?

Yes, it feeds the PA system. I’m sorta guessing here but I’d assume it’s connected to the SUB outputs. I didn’t make sure what was attached there. The mix outputs have cables there that are not attached on the other end and is were I’m planning on attaching the behringer when it gets here, most likely tomorrow. This thing has a lot of mics etc. attached but a lot of these aren’t actually being used. I know of two mics that actually work off of it. One being the Pastor’s and one in the sound booth. It was originally working the bands equipment but now they have a separate system and a lot of cables are still plugged in. So basically, it’s going to be used to record the sermons from the pastor and play music over the speakers.

It should be easy enough to figure out with outputs feed the PA system by determining which sliders it responds to.

You’ll want to feed the output of the UCA-202 into one of the stereo channel pairs – 13/14 or 17/18.

Thanks everyone for the help on this. I now have it working for both playing and recording sound. I appreciate all the time you guys spent helping with this. :slight_smile:.