Recording audio from an app on Iphone

I have an app on my iphone that has audio built in so that you can’t save them as an audio file. Iphone can’t record audio either.

How would i record the audio from an app playing on an iphone into Audacity so i can save the audio in a file?

Record it on another iPhone.

The speaker on most iPhones is near the top and the microphone is on the bottom. Lay both phones on a quiet table in a quiet room. Place the bottom of the recorder phone three or four inches from the top of the performer phone. On the recorder, run Voice Memo. Press record and play the performer phone.

You are recording the whole room, so you can’t do this trick in a noisy or echoy room.

I suppose you can use an adapter from the performer phone through a cable into a laptop. I use the Behringer UCA-202 simple USB adapter for those jobs.

Post back if you find a different way to do it. Running a record service in the same phone as a sound performance isn’t fun. Zoom, Skype, and Meetings take over the phone when they do their jobs. They’re not simple apps.

As a side note, you can get those apps to record meetings on their servers and send you the files. We recommend that instead of trying to force your phone or computer to do it.