Recording audio from a DVD in my DVD drive

Is it possible to record the audio track from a DVD that I currently have in my DVD drive? I’ve been able to get a recording when I play the disk but it’s very low quality sound. I’m obviously not set up properly to get the audio internally as it sounds like it’s recording the sound from my speakers. Can someone help?

It might be recording from your microphone and speakers.

You can set Windows (sometimes) to record what’s playing on the computer and you can get a digital copy that way – in real time. 93 minutes later you’ll have a good recording.

You can also use the File Management Technique. Rip the DVD to a Video Object (VOB) on your hard drive and then use a conversion program to produce an MP4 or H.264 video file. Install the FFMpeg software …

… and Audacity may be able to read the audio parts of the movie directly for editing.

I’m on a Mac, so you’ll have to find the ripper software yourself.


Thanks for the reply. It sounds like it would be easier to connect my DVD player to the computer and record that way.