Recording at lower rpm

I’m trying to make a recording that it sounds like it is from the 1930’s. In the 1930’s The United States had recordings that spun at the rate of 78.26 rpm. Is there any way I can slow down the rpm or degrade the sound quality so it sounds older?

I shouldn’t get too hung up about the “.26” . the rotational speed of “78’s” was rather approximate as clockwork mechanisms were widely used right up into the 1940’s.

For “ageing” the recording, the main things are to reduce the frequency response (use a low and high pass filter), add lots of crackles (particularly crackles and clicks that repeat every 0.77 seconds), a bit of a rumbling/scraping sound, and peak the Eq in the mid range. Applying a harsh “limiter” effect may help to simulate worn grooves.