Recording App Audio & Being Able To Talk Over It Clearly

I’m trying to figure out witch Audacity settings I need to record my Laptop System Audio clearly & allowing me to talk over it. I’m trying to record a Paranormal Spirit Voice App with Audacity and being able to have my questions recorded while my app is running. One setting will record the app audio only and not having no voice over. Another setting will catch my voice but the App Audio being so blurry I cant understand it. So I’m needing help with on how and witch settings to have it set up correctly to where the App and my voice can be recorded clearly both at the same time.

Where do I need the bars set correctly at on ether MME, Windows Direct Sound or Windows WASAP and on the Speaker & the Microphone parts as well?

Any help is appreciated!


Sometimes you can do that by accident.

Windows machines don’t normally create multiple different sound pathways and Audacity doesn’t, either. It’s the main reason Audacity doesn’t get along with Skype and Games.

If the job lends itself to two-pass recording, that’s the way. Record the computer parts and then play them in Audacity later using Overdubbing while you record the response (headphones required). That will give you two synchronized tracks that you can correct as needed and push together into one show.

If you need to do it all in real time, I do that with two computers.


I guess that makes senses. I would have to record the Spirit Voice App audio first. But witch is the setting I need to have it on to record just the laptop audio (blocking out all background noise interruptions like people talking, dogs barking) the setting that will just record clear laptop audio.

That was probably your built-in microphone.

How were you planning on recording your voice without the cars, buses, dogs, etc?