Recording and playback must keep changing setting to record and then to play

Hi having a tough time making this work in recording from browser I have to change settings to record and then change them again to playback.
To play a recording I need to have it on MME and speaker/headphone for player as shown in the following image
(sorry would not allow sending image)
To record something playing on the windows edge browser I have to have the settings Windows WASAPI and recorder on Speaker/Headphone. See image below. I cannot play back the recording unless I setup like image 1 above.

I have a windows 11 pc fully up to date. In my device for sound I have nvidia virtual audio device which does not come up on audacity. And Realteck which is what shows up and that is where I am. How can I make this seamless where I can record and play without making changes all the time. Thanks Don

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