Recording and listening with bluetooth headphones

I stuck on this. I have used Audacity for many yeas now and never had any problems. I recently bought some Sony bluetooth ear buds to listen to the tracks i was recording, when using normal headphones with a 3.5mm jack into my laptop all is fine no problems at all, but for the life of me i cannot seem to listen via my bluetooth ear buds, as soon as i turn them on the recording stops, any thoughts or suggestions please.

Do you get any kind of error message?

Sometimes, there are multiple names for the same bluetooth device. Look to see if there is another output selection in your Device Toolbar.

to listen to the tracks i was recording

What tracks and from where? Recording Youtube or other on-line music or shows?

Sony bluetooth ear buds

If somebody forced me to wild guess, I’d say the Sony devices were both earphones and microphone. When you start using the Sony’s, you are forcing a collision between recording services. Audacity will only record from one thing.

We should also remember that if you’re recording on-line content, that requires re-direction software that scrambles Recording and Playback. The Sony devices may not like that.

If they’re bluetooth, they’re part of the network system, not the sound system.

Do the Sony’s work if you just play something without Audacity or the record parts?