Recording an interview

Can someone advise me how to conduct an interview with a guest who is on the phone, (or on Zoom) to record on Audacity.

Recording both sides of a voip conversation with Audacity is difficult. It’s much easier to use Zoom’s built in recorder.

We had a poster with difficulty on a phone interview, so they folded the interview into Zoom and did it that way.

If you do use the Zoom recorder technique, post back how it worked for you and how it went. Call recording techniques can change depending on your country.


For recording phone interviews on Audacity, I use a phone app Cube ACR. Very good quality - but my voice quality as the interviewer using the phone microphone is poor. So I record my questions through a USB Blue Yeti mic direct into Audacity, at the same time I record the phone call. Then I edit the 2 recordings and end up with broadcast quality interview. Simple. You need to email the phone recording to yourself and load into an Audacity recording.

Hey, I am in need of some real help.
I am sorry to be bothering you, but I seriously needed to get in touch with someone who knows their way around audacity.
I have got an extremely important assignment, in which I have to record an interview.
I have no professional equipments except for a BOYA M1 mic and my Android phone.
How can I use audacity to make it better and high quality.
If you can please help me out with this.

Ensure that you make backup copies immediately after recording.

You may not need to do anything. When you have made the recording, listen to it and decide whether it needs anything doing to it. Some things will be obvious - if it’s too quiet, you can amplify it. If it’s too loud and distorted, then you will need to record it again as it’s virtually impossible to fix distortion.

I am in need of some real help.

Try it with a friend before you have to record an important interview. Become comfortable with the tools and process.

By far the best and simplest is do the call on Zoom and let Zoom record both sides.

The quality will improve enormously if both sides are using headphones to listen. Zoom will not have to do all its voice processing and protection tricks. They all work, but the do degrade the quality.

Cube ACR is an Android app.