Recording always take PC playing sounds


I have Audacity installed to Windows XP, from exe file.

I first used Audacity 1.2.14 beta version, and could record my voice for a whole 1.5 hrs DVD, with the DVD playing while voicing-over. And I recorded my voice only, not the DVD playing voice.

I wanted to re-record it. Not sure if I changed my set up, but the first time I did it, I got the DVD voice only, not my voice. I was looking up the manual and changed it to Mic as input, both in control panel Sounds and Audio Devices, Realteck HD Sound effect, or in Audacity input set up. Then I could record my voice, but the DVD sounds always got recorded.

I installed Audacity 2.0 and the same thing happens.

Can you guide me how to play the DVD on the same PC, but its sounds doesn’t come to the record, and the record takes only mic voice please?


Sure. You want overdubbing, similar to playing and singing to yourself multiple times.