Recording acoustic guitar Bass/treble vs high/low pass filte

Hi, I am recording solo fingerstyle acoustic guitar and have a few questions. Real quick here is my setup. Zoom Q8n video recorder, Rode Nt4 microphone. Audacity audio editing.
The main problem is the raw material is too boomy and muddy. I would like to improve the clarity while keeping it clean and removing some strong bass and midrange “howling”. I have found that I can improve it by backing off on the bass and adding in some treble. But my question is using the high and low pass filters seem to do a lot the same thing. What is the difference in lower the bass and adding the high pass filter? Should I use the filters with a minimal amout of cut? Or just use the bass and treble bars?
Also, Compression is very confusing to me should the basic default 2 and 12 setup be ok for solo guitar, Would some of you guitarists recommend more or less compression?
Any info would be appreciated.

Experiment with a real-time equalizer plugin, e.g. …

Graphic Equalizer Plugin, 16-Band, Lin-Phase [VST, AU, AAX] - Marvel GEQ - Voxengo (fully functional freebie & no strings attached)

thanks for the link!

I can’t get this plugin to work. I downloaded it and in install setup I put the file in the program files of audacity/plugins. Then in audacity under add/remove plugins I found it an hit enable but I can’t pull it up anywhere. What am I missing?