Recording a synthesizer in audacity with overdubbing multi-tracks

Perhaps you could tell me about the following.
I have Audacity 2.3.3 on my laptop with Windows home 10.
I’ve already recorded songs I’ve made with overdubbing multi-tracks in Audacity.

However, they were already recorded songs that I pre-played and recorded on my Yamaha arranger home workstation keyboard, as audio wave file.
Then I imported these recorded songs into my audacity 2.3.3 version. With a microphone (mono) connected to the pink input on the soundcard of the computer, I then sang my lyrics without any problems on the second track. There was no latency (delay) to be heard and everything was well recorded in audacity.
This all worked out fine.

Now I want to try if I can also make an overdubbing in audicity with my synthesizer, with which I want to play along with the first track on which there is already a song.
I have a Steinberg Audio interface usb ur22mkii to which I can connect my Yamaha arranger home workstation, and then connect my audio interface with a usb cable to the computer.

When I work on my PC with my DAW Steinberg cubase elements 10.5, I can play on an audio or midi track with my synthesizer without any problems.
This is because steinberg’s usb driver is installed on my computer.
But… I experience when I have recorded a song in my daw and exported it as a wave file, that I cannot play this song in Windows as long as my daw is still in operation and not completely closed.

The usb Steinberg driver for the Steinberg audio interface prevents this. Only when I have closed my daw, and can work with the Windows driver again, will my recorded wave files that are included in my daw play back.
The Steinberg audio interface ur22mkii does not work without the Steinberg usb driver.
So I can’t use it in a Windows environment either

Or do I need to set up a different driver like the driver asio4all on my audio interface that works with Windows? And would I be able to play with my synthesizer and record in audacity?

Can you also explain to me what this means:
Timer recording Shift + T
What is Punch and Roll recording?
Please give us your help and insight into this.

gil  printscreen  van audacity 27 dec  2021.png
gil   printscreen van audacity  27 dec  2021.png

What’s the exact model number?

Aan Steve,
Het is een Yamaha arranger home workstation PSR-S 710 .
Heel eenvoudig uitgedrukt: weet u hoe je instellingen bovenaan in Audacity moet instellen wanneer ik mijn synthesizer aansluit op de computer, waarop Windows home 10 en audacity versie 2.3.3 staat geïnstalleerd?
Zie ook mijn vragen op de afbeeldingen in bijlage.
gil   audacity vraag 29 dec  2021.png
gil  audacity vraag 30 dec  2021.png

I don’t know what this says:

Screen Shot 2021-12-30 at 2.24.29 PM.png
NLD = Nederlands = Dutch, so some OCR and Google translate: :wink:

Is MME in the first box on the left well set to connect a synthesizer?
What is set in the second box on the left where the Microphone (Realtek High Definit) is now set when I turn on my synthesizer
with the Steinberg audio interface ur22mkii want to set in audacity?
Is in the third box on the left 20 recording channels (stereo} properly set when I have connected my synthesizer to the computer with
my audio interface?

Is in the fourth box left Speakers (Realtek High Defi well set when I connected my synthesizer to the computer
with my audio interface?
Do I need to set other settings if I want to record a recording with my synthesizeT in audaCity?
Thanks in advance