Recording A Podcast with Two Microphones - Issue with the Picking up the Second mic on the new Track I created

For some reason, the second microphone is not being detected by Audacity when i select the drop-down, as you can see it only shows my AirPods and desktop speakers. I also already have everything connected to my laptop and I am even using an adapter. And yes I tried the “Rescan Audio” button and nothing happened. If someone can please let me know if they faced a similar challenge and if you had a solution that would be greatly appreciated.

Need a mixer to record multiple sources at the same time in Audacity,
Either a physical hardware mixer, or a virtual software one ,
e.g. … VB-Audio VoiceMeeter Banana

Hi man, thank you for sharing this advice, however, I already downloaded the voice-meter and even with that software, it’s not allowing me to add the second microphone due to a USB -3 Bandwidth issue, possibly due to the fact that I’m using a Microsoft Surface. So if there are any work around or ways to resolve this, then please feel free to share. Otherwise, I need a better computer / hardware to make this happen. Thank you!

When I add the second mic on Voice meeter, the label of the microphone turns red, which means its not able to connect.

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