Recording a meeting (over Zoom) with headphones in?


I have a request which I failed to find the answer for both in the documentation + here in the forums. Also, tried to play around with the settings but without success :unamused: .

I just downloaded the software and would like to use it in order to record an important meeting over Zoom. The tricky part is that I have to be with my headphones plugged. If it was with speakers than it’s a simple job and basically any recording software will do it. However, with the headphones plugged in seems to be another story.

I just had a test meeting and used the software but it records only my voice. Or at least when I export the file I hear only me. Do you know if there is any setting I can enable in order to hear properly the people talking from the other end?

Thank you for your time!

Zoom will be happy to provide recordings of both sides of the conversation—as split files if you want.

Audacity will only record from one thing or device at a time. Your microphone is one device and Zoom Services is a separate device. Zoom really likes to take over the computer’s sound channels and settings while it’s running, so between those two, good home recordings are a challenge.

As you noted, recording yourself is not that hard. You can get the guest to record themselves and you record yourself. They send the completed sound file to you. Combine them in Audacity for a completed show.

I did it with two computers and a sound mixer. The broadcasters do it that way for news interviews. You let Skype or Zoom have their way with one computer and record your microphone and its speaker feed on the other.

This is a badly edited proof of concept performance.

Denise and I are four time zones apart.


If it was with speakers than it’s a simple job and basically any recording software will do it.

Have you tried that? Typically, that gives you your microphone and wine-glassy Zoom echo management errors rather than the primary far side voice.

You can do it with two devices. You put your phone between you and the hand’s-free laptop and make it record the room. If you have a large or very quiet room you can do very well that way and it’s absolutely reliable. No, it doesn’t work if you’re on headphones.