Recording a Korg M50 in Audacity

Hello audacity world. Thank you so much for this forum. I often use it to fix my issues but this time I haven’t seen anything that addresses my particular issues. If it has already been addressed I would greatly appreciate it if you could post the link to the thread instead of simply referring me to search through the archives. I have made this as brief as I can but I have tried to include my understanding and logic of what I feel I do know. I am interested in not only getting a fix but also understanding how this works as well since I do a little audio engineering and am actively trying to learn more. Can’t learn if you don’t ask. If it is at all possible I would appreciate a little why the fix works and/or why my understanding is incorrect-if that’s ok and not too much to ask. Thanks!

I am using Audacity 2.1.0. (I know there is an update but this is what I’m using.) I am using a Mac Book Pro operating El Capitan 10.11.5.

I am trying to record the awesome sounds off my Korg M50. I do not want to record to a flash device or SD card and then load as a file because I am trying to layer the sounds over existing tracks in Audacity. I can’t have two sets of headphones on at the same time and make a quality recording!

I have two interfaces. I currently am running my mic through an AudioBox USB interface by PreSonus. I have this one set up because it has a MIDI input/output connection. However, I recently discovered that Audacity does not record MIDI and I also don’t think recording through the MIDI input/output is what I’m looking to do. I need to record the exact sounds my keyboard makes-not the results of a MIDI control. I also have a Scarlett 2i2 which I feel gives me a better sound when recording from my mic when doing voiceover/audiobook recording.

I am assuming that all I need are the correct cords to connect from the Korg to the interface. A MIDI cable is not the correct cord, I think. So which one do I need? Are there any other steps I need to take? Am I completely misguided? Thanks!

I am trying to layer the sounds over existing tracks in Audacity.

Overdubbing? That restricts the different ways you can connect your equipment.

This is a reading from the 2i2 instructions - Attach.

So yes. Connect the 2i2 USB to the computer. Put your Korg Line-Out, Tape-Out or Headphone Out (whatever you have) into the 2i2. A 1/4" plug will fit into the center of the XLR connection. It’s designed to automatically switch between them. Switch LINE/INST to INST. Roll the gain up about half-way.

Plug the headphones into the 2i2. Switch Direct Monitor On and make sure you can hear the Korg.

Select the 2i2 for recording in Audacity, Press record (just as a test) and see if you can get the bouncing sound meters to work.

This is half-way. Let us know where you get stuck.


There is one problem with using the 2i2 for overdubbing. It’s stereo and it’s difficult to stop it. That means recordings are going to be two track with your performance on one channel and silence on the other. And that means to use the track you’ll have to convert it to two mono tracks and delete one of them.

Every time you record.

It also means you only hear the performance in one of the two headphone muffs, although you can solve that with clever use of adapter cables.

What you probably really wanted was the Scarlett Solo which is native mono. I have a Behringer UM2 which is also native mono.