Recording a DJ Vinyl mix with Audacity on MAC.

Hi there,

I’m looking to record a DJ vinyl mix using the following kit -

IMAC Retina 27 Inch.
Stanton SMX501 Mixer
Two Turntables
Audio 8 DJ sound interface
KRK VXT6 speakers
Some records!

I’ve tried the following - Master out (RCA to RCA) to Audio 8 for monitoring the sound through the speakers.
1 X RCA to Headphone jack to connect the mixer’s record to the iMac.

I only have the option to select the microphone in the recording settings in Audacity, I trued this and as you can imagine it sounded terrible when it was played back. How should i set this up to record my mix? Thanks

Can I add I also have Ableton 9.

Thanks again.

I would also like to add I’m using Audacity version 1.2.5

I’ve also got Ableton 9


You should be using Audacity 2.1.0.

But that won’t solve the problem of newer iMacs not having a stereo line connection.

I use a Behringer UCA-202 to get around this.

I know you don’t have PC, but read through that, especially toward the bottom.


Hi many thanks for the reply.

I’ll update Audacity as soon as possible

I have the following device -

Would this device be used to get around the iMac not having a stereo line connection? If not I’ll buy the UCA-202.

I forgot to mention I also have access to a mixer -

Thanks once again.

Hi, thanks for the reply

I’ll update Audacity ASAP.

I’ve got access to the following device

Would this device be able get round the problem of the iMac not having a stereo line connection?

If not, i’ll get one of those 202’s.

Is it RCA from the 202 to the DJ mixer?

The M-Audio device is a MIDI manager. That’s keyboard instructions, not music, so no.

The UCA-202 is RCA in and out (it’s bidirectional). My mixer happens to have RCA connections on the Tape Out and that’s what I use.


Fantastic. I’ll order a UCA-202 and get recoding that mix! Many thanks for the info, much appreciated.